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Outside the Box Day

Today was a thinking outside the box locksmithing day.  My first job was a car lockout on a Honda CRV where the customer had locked the keys inside the car on the seat.  I spent quite a few minutes (in the rain) trying to unlock the car using the usual buttons/manual unlock.  I later discovered the manual unlock needed to be pushed in to unlock, instead of pulling it out.  In a last ditch effort I flipped the keys on the seat over and pushed the button the keys to unlock the doors - that was a first.

My last job of the day was a house lockout.  Once again I was stymied by the locks.  I had tried both the front door (where I was able to unlock the screen door, but not the deadbolt) and the garage door.  I decided to take a look at the back door and see if there was an opportunity there.  After determining the garage door was the best bet I was walking back around the house and noticed the garage had a service door.  I decided to take the easy way out of this one.  I removed the service door deadbolt from the door, decoded the lock and cut a new key by code which unlocked the door.  Not only had the customer gotten into their house, but they also got a new working key for their house.