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I Called Another Locksmith

I just got back from a lockout for a customer who had called another locksmith, but after waiting an hour in the cold the customer decided to try to find someone local.  Luckily she found me on her next search.  I arrived at her house within 15 minutes and had the door unlocked a few minutes later.  She was unable to contact the other locksmith to cancel and he still hadn't shown by the time I left - I wonder if he ever showed up.  I asked her why she chose the locksmith she chose and she told me his listing was the first one that came up on her internet search.  She learned a lesson; The first result isn't always the closest to you.  Many companies pay to be the first result.

After we were inside she told me she had just seen a news special about locksmiths and the recommendation was to get to know who your local locksmith is before you actually need them to avoid being scammed.  She wasn't scammed in this case, but she could have saved herself a lot of time by knowing which locksmiths are actually local to her and can be relied upon to arrive in a timely fashion.  Now she knows about us and is prepared for her future needs.

The other interesting thing about the locksmith she chose was the $15 price advertised online isn't really the price.  She was told it would be a $15 service call fee, but to get her in the house would be an extra $65 to $150.  My service call fee is $60 for her zip code, but that's all you'll pay 99% of the time, because I can actually pick your lock to get you into your house 99% of the time.  So the $15 locksmith's lowest price would have been $80, but who here really believes the additional fees would have been closer to $65 as opposed to the $150?