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Master Key systems: Imagine only having one key to open all of the doors at your office.  This is exactly what a master key system can do for you.  The manager key can be set up to open all of the doors at your office while employees will receive keys which only allow them to open the doors they are supposed to.  Just ask us for a quote.

Rekeying: After an employee leaves, it is always a good idea to have your business rekeyed to protect your investments.  You won't need all new locks, just a rekey.  You pay a trip charge for the locksmith to arrive at your door.  Each cylinder is $20 for commercial properties.

Safes: It is a good idea to change your safe combination regularly.  We can do it for you.  If you're locked out of your safe, we can help with that too.  We will try to manipulate the safe open before any damage is done to your safe.

Repairs: Having problems with your door closer or your lock just won't lock?  We can often fix those problems or replace them at a reasonable charge.